Guest Podcast with Kandas Rodarte

My mom said ‘you can only count your true friends on one hand’.  I’m not sure that is entirely true because I have more than 5 friends, but only a few intimates. In essence your life’s true friends are really rare and if you have them be sure to make them feel appreciated!

I met Kandas Rodarte at a local farmer’s market 5 years ago and when I met her, it was as though we had known each other for a long time.   She is a fellow small business owner, and if you are one of those, you share a parallel with fellow entrepreneurs that others cannot fathom.   But back to Kandas…she is just that kind of person.  Instantly enamored and likeable with Kandas’ charm and open style of communication,  we became comrades and friends.


Kandas recorded a class I taught recently.  Without her help, and excellent recording skills, I wouldn’t have this archive.  She was thoughtful enough to show up, show up early, bring some high definition recording equipment and microphone,  hook me up, do the testing and record this class for me.  I am so grateful!!!  I’m sharing it with you and it is very valuable information 😉

Take a listen, and I want to recommend Kandas to you as a Relationship Marketing Strategist.  She can teach you about relationship marketing, and help you grow your business in umpteen million way.   <3 you, Kandas!!!

Hop on over to Kandas’ blog, and take a listen now!

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We are (FINALLY) getting into the subject matter my friends!  I hope you enjoyed this recording and come back for more <3

With love until next time,




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