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Blackberry Musk Oil Perfume Wild Berries, Champagne, Grapefruit


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Blackberry Musk Oil Perfume .33 oz. VEGAN. Blackberries, white grapefruit, tangerine; a bright sparkly fragrance!

Luscious and mysterious providing sun lit brilliance leading into a bouquet of woodland charm evoking long strolls in the countryside and an outdoorsy style of elegance. Blackberry musk is a perfect balance between a whirlwind of fresh, sweet and modern fruity nuances with voluptuous red fruits of blackberries and wild huckleberry. An effervescent citrus accord of white grapefruit, quince, and tangerine adds sparkle like the light bubbles of champagne. An herbal floral accord offers just the perfect amount of romance, while the deep base of wild blackberries are softened with vanilla and tempting musk

Classification: Exotic fruity romantic

Wear with: Soft floral fabrics; perfect for any season

All of Cassia Aromatic's oils are vegan, phthalate free, skin safe, and blended with skin conditioning oils. Alcohol and paraben free! Use with confidence. Cassia Aromatic Oil do not contain alcohol. Perfumer's alcohol, which at the very least is very drying to skin, and not good to retain the scent of your precious oils, has also been found to contain dangerous hormone disrupting chemicals. Think early onset puberty, and a host of other maladies. Yes. Also, the oil we have mixed with the aromatic oil helps retain the scent longer while conditioning your skin. Why would you want to waste your precious hard earned money spraying fragrance into the air. Wear it close to you. Apply to pulse points, décolletage just after bathing for best results.

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In many cultures around the world, women apply coconut and or scented oil to their locks along with fresh blossoms. I watched in amazement as young women walked to school and to work with the perfumed oil in their hair in India. The fragrance was so bequiling. In fact, men love a woman to dress her tresses in this way. It will add shine and condition your hair, keep frizzies away and allure all in the same moment….try it!

Never apply to wrists and then rub or grind them together. This "crushes" the delicate fragrance molecules…..I did this for years, by the way, never knowing.

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Each sample is good for multiple uses, depending on how much you decide to apply.

Blended with fractionated coconut oil.

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My dear friend, may your life,
your body
your boudoir
your bath
be ALWAYS fragrant!


fractionated coconut oil, fragrance


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