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Save on 3 Ready to Use Aromatherapy Blends



Save on 3 Ready to Use Aromatherapy Blends – Choose Your Blend. Choose from 9 blends. I'm so excited to offer my new, ready to use, blended synergy blends aromatherapy oils. All ready to apply to sore muscles, or during times of stress or achiness or even the dreaded "I" word….insomnia. UGH!!!

You're a Busy Person – no time to get sick, get sad, get stressed or to forget where you put your checkbook! Not a minute to lose!!! That's why you need my pre-blended oils. Ready to go for the Smart Shopper with the Smart Phone and a Gift guide. Simple painless, totally effective!!!

Listing is for three (3) rollon applicator .33 oz your choice of blends in the drop down menu
Choose from the drop down menu. The drop down menu is located in the upper right hand box of the listing, just under the quantity box and the title!

To use: Rollon areas where you are needing a loving touch; and reapply throughout the day or evening. This is adult strength; please message me if wanting to use on any child under the age of 10. Or, alternately I can include an extra roller bottle filled with carrier oils to help dilute it further.

* Grave Robber – convenient rollon of ready to use immune formula. Great for flu season
* Grace & Ease – rollon during times of high stress and anxiety – aaah! wonderful!
* Headache – watch tender temples GO with this minty camphoraceious blend that is sure to help
* Relieve – when pain/inflammation attack or sore muscles from an over exuberant workout!
* Purify – use on cuts, scrapes, bug bites, infected sores, anywhere you would use Neosporin!
* Dream State -personal favorite…..you'll hear about me rolling it on at 1:33 AM many mornings…..
* Balance Plus ADD/ADHD – help your child (or you!) calm/focus with this powerful synergistic blend of tried trusted and true herbal oils designed to promote neural activity and focus.
*Breathe Easy – formulated for the respiratory system. Minty anti tussive oils go deep into chest to relieve hacking, coughing, congestion; to help break it up so it can pass.
*Smooth Sailing – gentle monthly menstrual solace for those days as girls that we want to just lay on our bed and moan…

Please Note: I'm not allowed to make any kinds of medical claims, nor would I want to! I am not a physician nor licensed to diagnose heal or treat diseases. I am prohibited from putting too much information on this listing. Essential oils and aromatherapy do NOT replace qualified professional medical care, and are recommended as an adjunct only. If you need more information, please do write to me.

The power of synergy applies to the art and the science of aromatherapy. Blended oils deliver more potent therapies when combined synergistically. The power of nature to deliver with it's healing leaves is documented, safe, and cost effective.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking chemotherapy, or blood pressure medicine, please refrain from usage or contact your physician to clear usages. Keep these bottles out of the reach of children, and intended only for external usage. Essential oils, although pure, are not meant for internal ingestion unless under the care of a licensed clinical aromatherapist or medical practitioner. They are very potent substances, not like their whole herb counterparts, and must be treated with respect.

Be healthy!


Balance + ADD/ADHD, Breathe Easy Respir, Dream State, Grace & Ease, Grave Robbers Immune, Headache, Purify First Aid, Relieve Pain Inflam, Smooth Sailing Menst


fractionated coconut oil, pure grade essential oils


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